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"Lt Gen.It is a well-established fact that a nations army is the pride of people living in a country; it is the case for India as well. Thats when I came across similar cases, where army recruits required medical treatment. K J Singh shares, "It is a nice initiative by these children. So, for us, it was really difficult to convince people that the Indian army, in reality, is involved in it and the Army will use the entirety of the donated blood," shares, Vivek Mehra, Founder, I am still Human. Then I decided to make my contribution to the army. I have seen many people who have given flowers to army personnel, which I feel pvc single hung Suppliers is a wrong way because I believe giving flowers in itself is a harmful gesture towards the environment. To show solidarity with armed forces, a bike rally was also organised. It comprised of over 70 female 400 plus male professional riders.

Recently, a blood donation camp was organised as an ode to the men belonging to the armed forces to show a sense of pride and solidarity for the Indian army. The initiative, which has proven to be a huge success, saw active participation from Indian Army veterans, students, professors, faculty and management of the Ramjas College. Also, a mega tree plantation drive was held in the memory of our nations 21 Param Vir Chakra (PVC) awardees, wherein Army veterans planted 21 special trees in separate grounds of the campus, which has been named as ‘The ground of PVCs."A lot of people are now connecting with us, now that they have another way to make a contribution to the armed forces.. When it comes to any matter related to our nations army, the Indian public wears their hearts on their sleeves. We wanted to help them. Each tree has been given a name of PVC awardees and Army veterans planted 2000 more trees at the north campus." He further goes on to explain, " I feel donating blood is more useful because members of the army are always in need of blood.Over 300 blood units were collected by the Medical team of the Indian Army, which will be specifically used for the welfare of veterans, serving soldiers, officers and their dependents at various Military Hospitals across the nation.

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For his efforts

Cosplay itself has become a common sight at events like the Comic Con. It is a very versatile material and is extremely durable.Cosplay mdash; short for costume play mdash; is becoming incresingly popular in Indian metros, and homegrown cosplayers are ready to take on the best from the West Nabil Khan with his Dr Octopus appendageCosplay — short for costume play — is becoming incresingly popular in Indian metros, and homegrown cosplayers are ready to take on the best from the WestGrowing up in Bengaluru, Nabil Khan was probably like a lot of other children of his generation — he loved watching cartoons on TV, with the Swat Kats being his favourite. That gave me a unique edge.

Thiruvananthapuram-based Anjali Das, a researcher, origami artist and cosplayer is among those whore creating costumes and looks at par with those of enthusiasts overseas. Indeed, while cosplayers in India are getting better and better, there is still much ground to be covered.For his efforts — and the very realistic 12ft by10ft appendages he created — Nabil was voted the winner of the Indian Championships of Cosplay Wholesale pvc building materials organised by Comic Con India on January 26. feedback. The December 2015 edition of the Mumbai Film and Comics Convention had 2,000. Her Facebook feed is filled with “making of” videos on her various looks, and the comments section has people writing in not only to appreciate her work, but also to quiz her on the relative merits of using one versus another material. “At that time, no one was aware of Cosplay, and I felt a little out of place.

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